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Our healthy Menu-Mailer provides you with weekly menus, recipes and a shopping list, created by professional nutritionists.

All too often our busy life-styles force us to choose fast food or frozen entrees when we'd much rather enjoy the benefits of good, home-cooked meals. Unfortunately, our schedules leave us little time to plan, shop for and prepare the kind of food we'd like to eat. Health Our Treasure's healthy menu-mailer is your "What's for dinner?" solution.

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Recent Articles

Lessons on Longevity
I am fascinated by people who live 100 years or older. What have they seen? How do they live? What are their secrets to a long and satisfying life? The right genes must be in their favor, but are there other factors? What lessons can we learn from centurions that will help our lives? Read More

Rest is something I find myself looking for. Rest is eternally relevant. The Sabbath is a promise of a forever rest in God's presence where the celebration of life and creation will go on throughout eternity. Read More

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