When food gets stuck in the wind pipe (trachea). 

Choking happens more often when people are laughing and talking with food in their mouth.

Kids under 4 should be watched by an adult, they have a hard time chewing some of the bigger chunks of food.


The International symbol for choking is to put our hands to the neck like this.


Heimlich = Using air from the lungs to push the food out of the way so the person can breathe again.

  1. Get in back of the choking person and reach around with both arms.
  2.  Make a fist, then grab the fist with the other hand.

3.  Pull fists up and into the abdomen of the choking person.  Pull inward and upward as you press.  It should feel like you are trying to lift the person off the ground.  Do this several times quickly.



If the Heimlich/thrusts do not work, use the heel of your hand on the person’s back between the shoulder blades.  Press down hard.

Call for help!