Lemons are not a cancer cure, but help the body’s fight against cancer. 

Lemons help us get rid of cells that are not working well (apoptosis) and  lemons help slow down the blood supply to cancer cells (angiogenesis).

Start the morning with the juice of a lemon and a tall drink of water.  Drink it with a straw to protect the teeth.


The lemon and ginger combination showed significant apoptosis induction and angiogenesis suppression effects. Fifty percent of the mice taking this combination did not develop tumors with a percentage of tumor reduction of 32.8%. This combination showed a potent effect in stimulating pinocytosis. Alpha-pinene and α-terpineol were detected in high percentages in the combination water extract. The lemon and ginger combination represents promising options to develop anticancer infusions for augmenting conventional anticancer therapies.

Daily Consumption of Lemon and Ginger Herbal Infusion Caused Tumor Regression and Activation of the Immune System in a Mouse Model of Breast Cancer